Goals of this journey

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h2 - logo brazil edition-02.png

The logic of H2 – Goals of this journey.

Co2 emission and global warming have reached the maximum alert limit.​

The investments and risks for viable solutions are too great for corporations or governments alone. Hence the joint efforts of​ companies and countries to reduce emissions by 2030 and Zero Net by 2050.


  • Fight against the reduction of energy waste, which today amounts to 2/3 of the volume produced.​

  • Capture of the high volume of carbon emitted and already existing in the atmosphere.​

  • Use of fuels with lower emissions such as Natural Gas, Biofuels.​

  • Use of net zero renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind.​

  • And the biggest bet is the use of GREEN HYDROGEN, the most abundant molecule in the universe and with 3X greater energy potential than fossil​ fuels since it is produced from renewable energies. The technology for obtaining it is widely known, but there are great challenges to be overcome in order to reduce the cost and transform it into ammonia and green methanol for better storage and transport.​


  • Invest in research into technologies to reduce the cost of obtaining green hydrogen.​

  • Invest in transforming H2V into liquid derivatives to supply energy, fuels for large modals, fertilizers and green chemicals.​

  • Invest in more viable ways of storing and long-distance transport of H2V.


The advancement of research is in everyone's interest and, therefore, many joint actions will be taken in a new paradigm of universalization of studies, information and patents. However, a new milestone of possible important changes, via the replacement of oil and coal by H2V and other fuels, will provoke new interests, geopolitical and economic changes and global security.​

The technology for obtaining and handling it is widely known. The most common and known is the separation of the molecule through electrolysis. If produced from renewable energy, it becomes the most efficient and net zero-emitting fuel for all uses, whether industrial, electricity generation and fuel for all vehicles and large transport modes.​

Hence the decision of the main countries in the world to solve the challenges of using H2V as the fuel of the future.​

The city of Nürnberg was chosen by Germany as a research center for the development of fuels from H2V. As partners, we were naturally involved in this debate, as Brazil has one of the greatest potential for generating solar and wind energy in the world and will play an important role in the development and production of Green Hydrogen.​

Following the international effort of scientists, generating companies, energy distributors and consumers, regulatory agencies, economists and logistics specialists, we organized a Journey to present, debate, produce and share a set of relevant content that influence and encourage the development of solutions , and the use of green hydrogen in the Brazilian and international market. ​

h2 - logo brazil edition-02.png

2022 Edition – Revolutionize the technology of the future.​

The Journey will start in August and will have five months of immersion on the theme of the transition from fossil fuels to viable Green Hydrogen. ​

We will make available through an exclusive platform, monthly content highly relevant to the current scenario of the sector and presentations of the most important industries, projects of companies and research institutions, we will promote virtual meetings with the main specialists of the market including the great forum that will take place in São Paulo on the 9th and 10th of November. 


  • Private industry sectors impacted by hydrogen:​

       Battery industry​

       Composites industry​

       Oil and gas industry​

       Energy industry​

       Metallurgical industry​

       Mobility/ Transport Industry​

       Aerospace Industry​

       Life&Science Industry​

  • Public companies in industrial sectors impacted by hydrogen

  • Fertilizer industry​

  • Companies with R&D departments​

  • Institutions that foster innovation (Federal and State​

  • Agencies and Development Banks)​

  • Investors (ABVCAP)​

  • Consumer​

  • H2 Logistics​

  • Chemistry​

  • Oil industry​

  • H2 users​

  • Solar, Aeolic and H2 producer

h2 - logo brazil edition-02.png

Journey H2​

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AUGUST 25, 2022​

  • Launch of the Hydrogen Dialogue LATAM Platform ​

  • Webinar - 45-minute debate, open to all interested and involved in the themes of: renewable energy, energy geopolitics, green hydrogen and ESG. ​

  • E-book introducing the topic - H2 for beginners: Get to know Green Hydrogen, understand why it will change the energy sector and visualize the links in the chain: Forms of production, transformation, storage, transport and consumption.​

  • Interviews on the social networks of the creators and organizers of the platform. ​


​​​SEPTEMBER 19 TO 22, 2022​

  • Virtual participation in Hydrogen Dialogue Germany – Exclusive to subscribers.​

  • Participation in the Hydrogen Dialogue Germany in Nuremberg - Business mission to promote business and visit to research institutes and industries related to green hydrogen in the State of Bavaria, with a program prepared by AHK - Brazil-Germany Chamber of São Paulo .​

  • Interviews on social networks and live entries of the event in Nuremberg with testimonials from key players in this theme, market and sector around the world. 

OCTOBER 27, 2022​

  • Webinar - Assessment of what was discussed in Germany during the Hydrogen Dialogue Germany and, to discuss how and what will be the demand of Germany and domestic and international logistics for energy transport and certifications for a global energy market.​

  • Interviews on social networks.

NOVEMBER 09 AND 10, 2022​



  • • In-person or remote participation in the Hydrogen Dialogue LATAM, São Paulo edition In coordination with AHK - Brazil-Germany Chamber of São Paulo.​

  • • Business rounds between event participants.​

  • • Interviews on social networks.​




  • • Sending the Post-Event Report - Synthesis of what was presented and discussed and the profile of all participants.​

  • • Interviews on social networks



Support Brazil and Latin America to accelerate technological development in green hydrogen and its transfer to the industry, by sharing quality content and pointing the way to scientific development, innovation and commercialization of new commercial and industrial application.

Create a leading and permanent international forum for the discussion of all topics related to the​ transition from fossil energy to renewable energy and green.

To be a multisectoral platform with solutions, tools and technologies for hydrogen research and development.

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