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NOVEMBER 9-10, 2022

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AUGUST 25, 2022 AT 4:00 pm (Brasilia Time)

The Role of Brazilian Green Hydrogen in the
New Global Energy Geopolitics

 Execution and Organization


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The Event

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Believing in the successful expansion of the hydrogen economy, we created a permanent international forum for the discussion of issues related to the transition from fossil energy to renewable energy and, in this first meeting to be held in São Paulo, we will bring together business, political and scientific decision-makers along the entire value chain of the sector to introduce new technologies.

Through connections between the biggest and best researchers and the sharing of quality content, we aim to help Brazil and Latin America accelerate technological expansion in the field of green hydrogen, pointing the way to scientific development, innovation and new commercial and industrial applications.

Throughout this Journey you will have highly targeted and relevant content for the current scenario of the sector, presentations from the most important industries, projects by renowned companies and research institutions, as well as many business possibilities with the use of hydrogen.

Completing the experience, we include in the program the opportunity for interactive networking in person and online, through a platform of digital events, boosting the growth of your network in a precise and profitable way.

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“Our event will feature high-level executives, policy makers and investors addressing the opportunities and challenges to harness the full power of hydrogen - the clean fuel of the future. Having inspiring presentations followed by intense and productive discussions."

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"To be the environment-middle for the long multidisciplinary discussion of the necessary energy transition, aiming at Net Zero, is our objective. The challenge transcends companies and isolated governments and the big bet is on Green Hydrogen. It is a common effort to all for solutions in technology, logistics, economic viability and political agreements. Hydrogen Dialogue - Brazil Edition wants to cooperate so that Brazil does not miss the enormous opportunity to be one of the main Green Hydrogen providers in the world from its extremely favorable condition of renewable energy production."

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"As we have been leading the way in what we have been doing with respect to other infrastructure themes and sectors in the last 10 years, our mission will be to produce and organize forums with exclusive, unprecedented, and relevant content, attracting the best and greatest leaders and players that will build and strengthen industries and markets for green hydrogen in Brazil and in the Americas."

Vinnicius Vieira
Partner - Hiria NürnbergMesse

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